In order to see that the BLI system is working for you please click on your “view report” link from your dashboard. This is where you will see that your URLs have been processed. Each time a URL of yours is processed our system randomly builds between 14 and 18 backlinks back to this URL. You can read more about these types of backlinks here:

In order to keep the network strong and under the radar we do not reveal the link locations at any time. Please keep in mind that we are an indexing service and building backlinks is merely the method we use to achieve this goal. The best metric to verify the effectiveness of this service is to check your index rate. In order to check if a URL is indexed in Google simply perform a search for the full URL preceded by “info:” e.g. info:

Please keep in mind that after your URLs have been processed in our system we typically see that it takes Google an average and random time frame between 10 and 37 days to index these links. We advise our members to verify the index rate in Google to measure the effectiveness of our service.