The best strategy is to use our service for tier 1 links such as blog posts, forum profiles, press releases, articles, etc. We do a great job of boosting these links and getting them indexed which filters link juice back into your money site. There is no harm in using our service to link directly to your money site, however, you would receive more bang for your buck by using it in the previously stated method.
If you are looking for a good way to build your tier 1 links I suggest https://backlinksvault and/or https://web2.0backlinks.com.

Even if your backlinks are already indexed, our system will still do a great deal in terms of boosting them.

You can take advantage of our “Auto-restart” option under your settings page which will loop your URLs back through the system continuously when it cannot find any new URLs to process in your pending links section. We recommend doing this no more than 2-3 times if you goal is simply indexing. If a URL does not become indexed after that time it is likely that Google will never index this URL due to its own quality control algorithms.

You can add thousands of URLs at one time and it won’t be an issue. Our system will just work it’s way through the list according to your plan.