You can scroll to the bottom of this article to see an update for 2019 which looks at other indexing alternatives which may be worth testing.

Backlink Booster Comparison (NEW)

This updated case study comes courtesy of  If you are looking for the original case study which compared all the best services you can find that here => Link Indexer Comparison.

"We do have an absolute clear winner in Backlinks Indexer whom have a massive margin over any other service..."

backlink indexer comparison (NEW)

"We can only assume that whatever linking they created has been given more authority after the last update, it’s a massive jump and shows that whatever they are doing is clearly different to the other services..."

backlink booster comparison

Indexing Conclusion

For the last round of testing we made a small change in that we also looked for the dead sites, something we could not do each week. We did this by checking for alive links on Friday 31st October and then again on Monday 3rd November.We then removed sites that were shown to be dead on both days, this was to limit the impact of sites which just happened to be offline at the time we tested them.

This update looks at a new post in 2019:

We recently found a new article which set out to see if there were, indeed, any viable alternatives to BacklinksIndexer. The link which was just referenced here will show you a comparison of 5 of the top indexing services and provides you with some pros and cons as to what the best choice currently is. Spoiler alert...I think you know 🙂 Membership is rated 5 out of 5 by having more than 12155 happy customers.