Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I care if my links are indexed? Doesn’t Google crawl them anyway?

Crawling basically means that Google’s ‘spiders’ have visited that new content and they are ‘aware’ of it. This is quite different than being indexed, which is not as easy to do as noted by Matt Cutts in this video. So as this video indicates, the single key difference between being crawled and being indexed is the quality of backlinks that you have coming into that new content.

So the more links I have that are indexed the better my SERPs will be?

Absolutely! This is a huge indicator to Google that your backlinks are important enough to be indexed, resulting in a much more powerful and long lasting backlink.

If I cancel my subscription will my links remain indexed?

Yes, once Google indexes your backlinks we no longer have any control over them.y

What service do you recommend to build more high quality links that I can submit for indexing?

The best site we recommend for building high quality manual backlinks is RankCrew. They have a great reputation and provide many different types of link building services and packages.

Can I upgrade, downgrade, or cancel my subscription at any time?

Yes, you can easily manage your subscription type by managing your account.

Can I see some sample sites in your network?

To protect the integrity of our network, we do not release domain information to the public.  However, once you begin using our network, you’ll quickly see your links being indexed in Google.

Are you actively growing your network?

Yes, we acquire new domains and integrate more external sites every week.

Am I limited on how many links I can backlink on a monthly basis?

Yes, but we provide enough package where you can start off with a slow drip of 1,500 links per month (50 per day) or all the way up to 15,000 links per month (500 per day). The choice is yours.

What is this new Power Booster Indexing I've been hearing about?

The Power Booster is a brand new feature that helps to quickly index stubborn links. For more information please visit Power Booster Info

This sounds amazing. How does it work exactly?

Please see our page ‘How It Works’ for more details.


Who created this software?

BLI was created by the highly respected digital entrepreneur, Daniel Anton. is rated 4.9 out of 5 by having more than 523 happy customers. Membership is rated 5 out of 5 by having more than 12155 happy customers.