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Comparison of Backlink Indexing Services

A brand new Link Indexer independent case study by ZontSEO was just published: Backlink Booster Case Study


CASE STUDY: Conducted Independently and used on this site with permission from the original Author.

The purpose of this particular comparison is to test the automated solution indexing services where you don’t have to do anything yourself, other than submit your backlinks. I always try to figure out the most cost effective way to spend my money so I thought this test was in order; not to mention that many people are paying for services which they are not really sure are worth the money. I'm not claiming this is the definitive test to go by. I am just sharing the data I recorded during my testing. My next case study may report on the improvement in SERPs from getting backlinks indexed (although this is a little trickier). My initial guesstimation just based on what I have seen occur on my own sites is that getting your backlinks indexed can really mean a huge boost for your rankings. That being said, on with the test…

Services Compared:
1. BacklinksIndexer.com
2. LinkJuiceMaximizer.com
3. Nuclear-Link-Indexer.com
4. Indexbear.com
5. Backlinkindexing.com
6. Linklicious.me
7. SenukeX Xindexer

Services Setup Used for this Test and Cost Analysis:
1. BacklinksIndexer.com
A. Basic plan – 1,500 URLs per month
B. Cost: $14.99 per month
C. Cost per Link = 0.0099 (NOTE: cost per link at Highest Package = 0.0067)

2. LinkJuiceMaximizer.com
A. Beginner Level – 2,000 URLs per month
B. Cost: $27 per month
C. Cost per Link = 0.0135 (NOTE: cost per link at Highest Package = 0.0067)

3. Nuclear-Link-Indexer.com
A. 1st Package – 1,000 URLS per month
B. Cost: $10 per month (Regular Price Plan)
C. Cost per Link = 0.01 (NOTE: cost per link at Highest package = 0.00787)

4. Indexbear.com
A. Pay for the URLs you Submit
B. Cost: $1.00 per 100 links
C. Cost per Link = 0.01 (NOTE: cost per link at highest package with 10% discount = 0.009)

5. Backlinkindexing.com
A. 2,000 URLs per month package
B. Cost: $37 per month
C. Cost per Link = 0.0185 (NOTE: cost per link at highest package = 0.013)

6. Linklicious.me
A. Pro Plan – 50,000 links per day - Using 20 URLs per Feed
B. Cost: 54.50 per month
C. Cost per Link = 0.0000363

7. SenukeX Xindexer
A. Small Plan– 50 URLs per day
B. Cost: $25 per month
C. Cost per Link = 0.016 (NOTE: cost per link at highest package = 0.012)

Link Setup:
D-Day Minus 5
Post Thousands of Forum Profiles using Xrumer with the same 3 signature links per profile
Wait 5 Days to account for any banning and/or automatic Indexing.

1. Run all links through ScrapeBox Link Checker – Save Results
2. Run Saved Results through ScrapeBox URL index checker (Run Several times with Private Proxies to ensure high degree of Accuracy) – Save Unindexed Profile Results
4. Divide Forum Profile Links into groups for each Indexing Service
a. Each Group receives 500 unindexed, alive forum profile URLs
b. One Group of 500 is set aside and not used for any services. This is a control group to see how many are indexed without any external boosting.
5. Insert Links into each service and monitor results each day at the same time every 24 hours for the next 30 days using ScrapeBox to check for Indexed Links (See Chart for Day by Day Data)

At the end of 15 Days the Control Group of 500 URLs which received no external backlinks was found to have 27 URLs Indexed Naturally and 116 dead or banned URLs. Therefore, a Natural Index Factor (NIF) of -27 will be applied to each Indexing Service’s final Indexing Rate Total when calculating Final Indexing Rate %. A Base Factor of -116 will be applied to each group’s 500 URLS bringing our new Base Total to the modified 384.
Bottom Line: We are not going to count URLs that would have (on average) been indexed automatically by Google, nor will we penalize these services for URLs which were banned (on average) by the forum admins.

These are some of the toughest links to get indexed. Everyone knows that getting articles and blog type sites indexed can be challenging, but not impossible. It is the massive amount of forum profiles which can be really powerful if you get them indexed, but accomplishing that has become increasingly difficult.

Summary (Pre-Test Data):
Cheapest Service as Configured for Testing based on CPL (Cost per Link)
1st Place: Linklicious.me at 0.0000363 CPL
2nd Place: BacklinksIndexer.com at 0.0099 CPL
3rd Place: Tied between:
A. Nuclear-Link-Indexer.com at 0.01 CPL
B. Indexbear.com at 0.01 CPL
4th LinkJuiceMaximizer.com at 0.0135 CPL
5th Place: SenukeX Xindexer at 0.016 CPL
6th Place: Backlinkindexing.com at 0.0185 CPL

Cheapest Service at Largest Available Package based on CPL (Cost per Link)
1st Place: Linklicious.me at 0.0000363 CPL
2nd Place: Tied between:
A. BacklinksIndexer.com at 0.0067 CPL
B. LinkJuiceMaximizer.com at 0.0067 CPL
3rd Place: Nuclear-Link-Indexer.com at 0.00787 CPL
4th Place: Indexbear.com at 0.009 CPL
5th Place: SenukeX Xindexer at 0.012 CPL
6th Place: Backlinkindexing.com at 0.013 CPL

Maximum # of URLs able to be Processed Per Month
1st Place: Linklicious.me at 1,500,000
2nd Place: Indexbear.com at 300,000
3rd Place: Nuclear-Link-Indexer.com at 100,000
4th Place: Backlinkindexing.com at 20,000
5th Place: BacklinksIndexer.com at 15,000
6th Place: LinkJuiceMaximizer.com at 10,000
7th Place: SenukeX Xindexer at 9,000

Maximum # of Backlinks Built to Backlinks, (Backlink to URL Ratio)
1st Place: BacklinksIndexer.com at 210,000, (14:1)
2nd Place: Backlinkindexing.com at 150,000, (7.5:1)
3rd Place: LinkJuiceMaximizer.com at 100,000, (5:1)
4th Place: Tied between:
A. Nuclear-Link-Indexer.com – Uses different Method without building backlinks
B. Indexbear.com – Does not reveal method used
C. Linklicious.me – Uses RSS Feeds
D. SenukeX Xindexer - Unknown

Summary (Post-Test Data):
Most Effective at Indexing Backlinks over 15 Day period using 384 URLs as the Factored Sample Size Base (see chart)

1st Place: BacklinksIndexer.com with 374/384 URLs Indexed (97.40% Index rate)
2nd Place: SenukeX Xindexer with 146/384 URLs Indexed (38.02% Index Rate)
3rd Place: Nuclear-Link-Indexer.com with 120/384 URLs Indexed (31.25% Index Rate)
4th Place: LinkJuiceMaximizer.com with 96/384 URLs Indexed (25.00% Index Rate)
5th Place: Backlinkindexing.com with 90/384 URLs Indexed (23.44% Index Rate)
6th Place: Indexbear.com with 72/384 URLs Indexed (18.75% Index Rate)
7th Place: Linklicious.me with 28/384 URLs Indexed (7.29% Index Rate

backlink indexing service comparison

indexing rate comparison over 15 days

link indexer chart

Link Indexer chart of services

Most Bang For Your Buck Computed as Cost Per Link Indexed (CPLI) (see chart)
1st Place: BacklinksIndexer.com with $0.0074
2nd Place: Linklicious.me with $0.0139
3rd Place: Nuclear-Link-Indexer.com with $0.0325
4th Place: LinkJuiceMaximizer.com with $0.0373
5th Place: SenukeX Xindexer with $0.0379
6th Place: Indexbear.com with $0.0768
7th Place: Backlinkindexing.com with $0.0792Cheap Backlink Indexing

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