Link Indexr ( vs Backlinks Indexer is a new service recently released which promises some hefty claims.  Link Indexr is certainly getting into the game quite late as Backlinks Indexer has been around for over 4 years as the #1 Rated Indexing Service.

Does LinkIndexr offer anything that BLI cannot and how does it fair when given a test?  We all know that indexing backlinks is crucial to help boost your rankings higher in Google.  And while some services focus on pinging and crawling Backlinks Indexer has always taken the stance on indexing and boosting links to make them more powerful....not just indexed.

Many comparisons have been done over the years by independent SEOs to determine which service is, in fact, the best link indexing service around.  Criteria typically focuses on index rate over time, speed, and link boosting power as it translates into rankings.  After all, the whole point to indexing is to increase our SERP? Right?  

Look at both products carefully and make the best decision for yourself.