Dan Anton from BacklinksIndexer

Dan Anton is the creator and owner of BacklinksIndexer.com

In 2010 Dan saw that the demand for getting backlinks indexed and powered up was building greatly and there were no viable options at the time. Dan always says that the best software products come from solving your own problems first and that is exactly how Backlinks Indexer got its start.

Dan started testing every known method available to help get backlinks indexed in search engines like Google.  Why would this be important? Because Google only indexed links they deem valuable enough to be listed in their search results. Most people don't realize that not all links are included in Google's index so they don't have near the value that they should. Through Dan's extensive testing he was able to find some amazing ways to force Google to take notice of these links and give them the credit they so rightfully deserved. 

And the results turned out to be incredible. Not only did Dan figure out a solution to help get these newly created links indexed in search engines, but he created a software which made the process automated and extremely easy to use.  BacklinksIndexer became the first of its kind solution to combine powerful indexing along with a simple to use interface. 

This was Dan's first software and it became a huge success in a very short period of time due to all the amazing reviews that came pouring in. The SEO community quickly took notice and the product continued to become even more powerful until ultimately being widely known as the #1 Backlink Indexing Service.

Many independent comparison studies were conducted to test the various other link indexing services but time and time again BLI was hailed as the champion by a landslide. Here is the original backlink indexer comparison case study.


Dan continues to improve BLI because search engines continuously update their algorithm so it is very important to stay current on the latest methods for powering up backlinks and getting them included in Google's search results. This is why the latest Power Booster update was just released in 2017 because it uses a brand new method for lighting fast indexing.

For further information about Dan Anton you can visit his official website at http://DanAnton.com